Innovative acquisition methods

‏smooth and distinctive ways of registering and acquiring points has contributed to an 80% increase in registration rates for Bonat partners.

Detailed reports to understand customer behavior

The control panel allows you to understand your customers' purchasing behavior, such as their visits times and their favorite products, while dividing them into segments to target them and make better decisions.


‏Multiple solutions for your commercial store


Rewards and ratings

Motivate your customers to revisit and try new products through a rewards system
Improve your service performance by listening to your customers' suggestions through a rating system


Marketing tools

‏Marketing solutions that help you promote your products through purchase coupons, promotional offers, customer gifting system, and retargeting

حلول بونات

Pickup orders

‏Speed up your store's operations with the integrated pickup order system with the point of sale, and generate extra income through the pickup order feature.

One step closer to retaining your clients

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